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Biography Notes of Ace

Real Name:

Paul Daniel Frehley

Birth Date:

April 27th, 1951

Birth Place:

Bronx, New York

High School :

Cardinal Stone High School


Computer & Graphic Designs

Favorite KISS Song:

"Rock & Roll All Nite" and "Deuce"

Favorite Computer Games:

Myst, Tomb Raider, Scrabble, Chessmaster

Gigs before KISS:

* Roadie for Jimi Hendricks.
* Recorded album with band "Crazy Joe & the Variable Speed Band."

Remedy DVD

Remedy" 2004 Release Date

The movie "Remedy" now has a trailer on line at the official movie web site.

Remedy stars Arthur Nascarella, Frank Vincent and Ace Frehley as Johnny.

A NYC artist is witness to his best friend’s murder – or was he? Due to a drug problem he can’t recall what happened. Now he is the prime suspect and desperately tries to uncover the truth before it’s too late.

REMEDY is film-noir in the fast lane- a darkly comic tale. It is the mystery surrounding the murder of one of a tightly knit band of friends. Extreme indulgences and the never-ending New York nightlife drive the group into realms of insanity. Eventually they destroy each other and themselves.

You can order the "Remedy" DVD at Amazon.com for just $22.45

Frehley's Comet

Into The Void... With Ace Frehley


"Into The Void... With Ace Frehley", by Wndy Moore, is was released by Pitbull Publishing. The release date was October 18th, 2004.

The book is available on Amazon.com for $16.96.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 250 pages
  • Publisher: Pitbull Publishing
  • ISBN: 0965879445


I was a Japanese Ace Frehely

08/10/04 - clevescene.com

I was a Japanese Ace Frehely is a 15minute short film by Director David Hoenigman & Greg Genco.

The documentary follow fans of the rock band KISS as they prepare for a Tokyo concert.

The short was shown as part of Clevland, Ohio's Overlook Park Shorts Film Festival this past weekend.


The Images of Ace

06/07/04 - Billboard

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