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Week # 10

What was a three team race just became a 4 team race. The Raiders have clawed their way to contention, but at what price. McNabb was hurt bad at the end of the MNF game. Will he play next week... or the rest of the season???. The Georgia Force are only 7 games behind the Raiders, so don't quite count them out... yet.

BYE Weeks are DONE!! All teams play every week!

Lunches this week:
Wednesday (11/16) - Mark Pi, 11:30
Friday (11/18) - Great Divide


Boilers: (PU - D.Staley) (D - A.Boldin)
Maniax: (PU - K.Johnson) (D - T.Owens)
Maniax: (PU - Josh Brown{$6}) (D - H.Miller)

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