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2005 Fantasy Football League Rules


1. Format

The FFL will consist of all teams in one Division.

2. Season

Regular Season - 17 weeks (each team playes everyother team each week).

Playoff Season - Each team will pay $15 on draft night for the "Extra" Playoff Season.

  • The purse will pay 1st & 2nd, roughly 70% - 30% split (rounded off at descression of the commish).

  • There will be a draft just after the regular season, but you can keep as many or as few players from your roster as you wish, at no extra cost.

  • The draft will be in reverse order of the final regular season standings. 7th place will be in the first draft possision, then it will snake from there.

  • Each team will accumulate points for his entire 14 player roster. The team with the most points at the end of the SUPER BOWL, Wins! If there is a tie, the tie breaker will start from Points scored in the Super Bowl. The team with the most in that game will Win the tie breaker. If there is still a tie, then we count points awarded in the Conference Championships and so on

Eliminator - Participation is not "Mandatory" and there are no fees to pay and no reward for the winner. This game is just for the fun of it.

  • All you need to do is select one winning team each week. But, you can not select a team twice within the same season.

  • After 2 incorrect selections, you are Eliminated! Last team standing, wins.

  • If all the remaining teams lose in the same week, everyone is back in, but you still can't use a previous selection. Those out before the last week only get one "life." Lose once and you are out again. Those teams that were in during the last week, but lost, will get 2 lives.

3. Fees

    Yearly franchise fee - $25.00
    Playoff fee -
    Each loss -
    $1.00 (for each team with a better score than you)
    Drop & add a player -
    $3.00 minimum (bidding if needed)
    Trades -
    $5.00 per team (number of players doesn't matter)

4. Payout

    Regular Season:

    1st) 60% of pool
    25% of pool
    15% of pool

    If we have 8 or more teams, then 1st place will pay 50% and we will pay 4th place 10%

    Playoff Pool: 1st - 70%, 2nd - 30%

5. Tie Breakers for Final Positions

    A) Most points scored during the season.
    Head to Head results
    Fewest point allowed
    A Coin Toss

6. Draft Order

    Will be determined by record of the previous year. The Worst record gets first choice of draft position. Second worst gets the next choice, and so on. New teams in the future will get last choice of draft position.

7. Rosters & Lineups

    The roster size is 14 players, in any configuration. Starting lineups will consist of the following:
    1 -
    2 -
    3 -
    1 -
    2 -
    "Wild Card" players (any positions)

8. Submiting Starting Lineups

    Weekend Games: Starting Lineups must be turned in to the Commissioner no later than "end of day" Friday for players whose games are being  played on Saturday or Sunday. Thursday Night Games: No later than 4pm Thursday for Players whose games are to be played on Thursday night. You must determine by this time if you want to change your line up involving a player in a Thursday game. If you do not Make the choice, the player from last weeks line up will start for that current week.

      (i.e. If you started Payton Manning in week 5 and he is playing a Thursday game for Week 6, then that Owner must call the commissioner by Thursday to make the choice of starting or not starting him for Week 6. If the Owner fails to call, then Payton Manning WILL start for Week 6.

    Thanksgiving Week: No later than end of day Wednesday for ALL player for Thanksgiving Weekend games. Failure to meet the submission deadline means the previous weeks lineup will be used for the upcoming game. The Commissioner will try to have ALL lineups posted by Sunday Morning

9. Determining Winners

    The winning team of each game will be the team whose starters score the most points. In case of a tie the winning team will be the team will be the team whose active roster players score the most points. Example: If every team played 6 games. One team will be 6-0, the next 5-1, next will be 4-2, the next team is 3-3, next is 2-4, then 1-5 and the last team will be 0-6. Each loss will cost $1.00. As commissioner, I am only human. If I make a mistake on figuring points, please let me know within 48 hours of when the standings/results are published. Otherwise they remain as is.

10. Scoring System:

  • Rushing TD's - 6 points

  • Rushing for Extra Point - 2 points

  • Receiving Td's - 6 points

  • Receiving for an Extra Point - 1 point

  • Passing Td's - 4 points

  • Passing for an Extra Point - 1 point

  • Kicking Field Goals - 3 points

  • Kicking an Extra point - 1 point

  • Defensive Player Td's by turnover - 6 points

  • Defensive Player Td's by kickoff or punt return - 6 points

  • Defensive Player scoring a safety - 2 points

Bonus Points

No Caps

2 point

3 points

4 points

5 points

6 points

7 points

8 points

9 points

10 points

1 Point for each:

(all off. yds)

100-109 yards

110-119 yards

120-129 yards

130-144 yards

145-159 yards

160-179 yards

180-199 yards

200-219 yards

220-239 yards

25 yards

(all off. yds)

80-99 yards

100-114 yards

115-129 yards

130-144 yards

145-164 yards

165-184 yards

185-204 yards

205-224 yards

225-244 yards

20 yards

(all off. yds)

250-274 yards

275-299 yards

300-324 yards

325-349 yards

350-364 yards

365-379 yards

380-394 yards

395-409 yards

410-424 yards

15 yards


48 yards

49 yards

50 yards

51 yards

52 yards

53 yards

54 yards

55 yards

56 yards

1 yards

11. Trading

    Trading of players, and only players, will only be allowed up to Noon Thursday of Week 14. All trades must be called in by Noon Thursday. A limit of only 3 players each to be traded  between 2 teams. It is not allowed to trade players for anything (money, favors, sex), except for other players. Trades are $5 per team, no mater if it is a 1 for 1, 2 for 2 or a 3 for 3, at the same time. We can now do uneven trades... 3 for 2, or 2 for 1, (within 1 player) however... all teams must stay at the 14 player limit.

12. Waiver Wire

    A player not on a roster can be picked up by a team for $3.00 minimum bid. You may pick up as many players as you wish through out the season. If more than 1 team bids on the same player, they will enter the automatic "Bidding War". The "Bidding War" will be a silent bid by all owners involved and they will not know what the others bids are. There are no no limits to the amount of "Bidding Wars" you can enter for the season for each team. Must be done by Noon Thursday, except for Thanksgiving, which will still be noon Wednesday. Released players are not available until the following week.

13. Voting

    A majority vote of the franchise owners is needed to amend the rules or to add new rules. All rules for the next season must be approved before August 1st of each year. All league meetings must take place in a "Face-to-Face" environment. No Phone tag, email strings, chat room meetings will be recognized as official. Advanced notice of any meeting, with tentative agenda, must be given to ALL team owners. If an owner can't make the meeting, he may give a proxy vote to another owner.

    Rev. 02/18/04

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