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Issue # 1

Released: Summer, 2004

You wanted the best, you've got the best - the hottest magazine in the world - KISS: The Official Authorized Quarterly Magazine! In-depth interviews, tons of great photos, lots of behind-the-scenes info, and much more! Subscribe now and receive the debut issue, sure to be a collector's item!



Issue # 2

Released: October, 2004

  • Interviews with Paul, Gene, Tommy, and Paco Zimmer.

  • Features about NASCAR, the KISS Jet, and the making of Rock and Roll Over.

  • Product reviews and a review of a rehersal tape from KISS' loft that predates their record contract.

  • Paul and Gene discuss the studio work that earned them the studio time that they used to record KISS' first demo.

  • And lots and lots of coverage of the Rock the Nation Tour.

  • And on top of that great pictures, pinups, and a four page pull out poster.


Issue # 3 - Spring 2005


Issue # 4 - Summer 2005

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