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The Story of Peter Criss

The Oldest Memeber In KISS

Born Peter George Criscoula on December 20, 1945, in Brooklyn, NY, Criss got his start drumming after discovering legendary jazz drummer Gene Krupa and such '60s rockers as the Rolling Stones. Playing in local bands throughout the '60s and early '70s, Criss was becoming increasingly fed up when none of his bands went anywhere especially after a tryout for Elton John 's band didn't pan out and close friend Jerry Nolan landed the drum slot with trash/glam/punk pioneers the New York Dolls.

Criss left Kiss in 1980 amidst rumors of a breakup swirling. Criss launched a solo career with such releases as 1980's Out of Control and 1982's Let Me Rock You , but fans were reluctant to embrace Criss' new, mature soft rock sound. Criss attempted to resurface with other bands throughout the rest of the '80s,such as the Alliance and Balls of Fire, but didn't release another album until 1994's independent Criss Cat #1 . On a humorous note, Criss appeared on an episode of Phil Donahue in the late '80s when an imposter appeared on the show pretending to be Criss, claiming he was penniless and homeless.

Quick Notes

  • Peter was a member of The Phantom Loards, a Brooklyn Street Gang.
  • His favorite movies include - It's a wonderful Life, Citizen Cane, Goodfellas, Scarface, The Godfather
  • Peter once auditioned for Elton John's Band.
  • The 1972 "willing to do anything to make it" ad that Gene and Paul answered of Peter's was placed in Rolling Stone.
  • Peter Was Performing at "King's Lounge" when Paul and Gene came to see him.
  • In 2001, Peter dropped out of KISS again, in a disagreement of compensation of the Australian/Japan tours. He rejoind the band for the 2003 Tour with Aerosmith, but was out again in 2004 when KISS went back on the road for the "Rock The Nations" tour.
  • January 2002 - Peter Criss starts a short stay in prison, a trip he chose to make. Criss played prisoner Martin Montgomery in the HBO prison drama Oz. He's scheduled to be in three episodes in the 5th season.
  • In November of 2004, Lydia Criss auctioned some of her privet collection of KISS items. Click to view the summery of that auction.


Images of Criss

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Chelsea (Expanded)

Released: 1979

  1. I'm on Fire
  2. Decide
  3. Free the Fighters
  4. Your Toy
  5. Fools & Soldiers
  6. All the Downs
  7. Government
  8. Twelve Men
  9. Many Rivers
  10. Trouble Is the Day
  11. ** Urban Kids
  12. ** No Escape
  13. ** Twelve Men
  14. ** All the Downs

    ** Demo Version

Peter Criss


Drums, Vocals (bckgr)

Chris Bashford



Mark Brennan


Liner Notes

Geoff Myles



Gene October



James Stevenson



Dave Martin




Out Of Control

Released: 1980

  1. By Myself
  2. In Trouble Again
  3. Where Will They Run
  4. I Found Love
  5. There's Nothing Better
  6. Out Of Control
  7. Words
  8. You Better Run
  9. My Life
  10. Feel Loke Letting Go


Let Me Rock You

Released: 1982

  1. Let It Go
  2. Tears
  3. Move On Over
  4. Jealous Guy
  5. Destiny
  6. Some Kinda' f Hurricane
  7. Let Me Rock You
  8. First Day In The Rain
  9. Feel Like Heaven
  10. Bad Boys


Criss Cat #1

Released: 1994

Criss Cat

  1. Bad Attitude
  2. Walk The Line
  3. Truth
  4. Bad People Burn in Hell
  5. Show Me
  6. Good Time
  7. Strike
  8. Blue Mone Over Brooklyn
  9. Down With The Sun
  10. We Want You
  11. Beth
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