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THe Story of Tommy Thayer

06/07/04 - Billboard

Tommy Thayer was born on November 7th, 1960 and grew up in Portland, Oregon. Some of his favorite music includes KISS, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Smashing Pumpkins, Beck, Prodigy, and the Foo Fighters.

Tommy was once a member of 1980's band Black N Blue where he performed guitar duties. In fact Black N Blue was an opening act for KISS on the 1985/86 Asylum tour and they reformed to play a reunion show in 1997.

He portrayed Space Ace in a tribute band called Cold Gin, in the 90's. He later became much more involved with KISS as he's credited with production on the first volume of the 9 pound KISStory books, assisted in painting faces of the KISS mannequins which were seen on the Konventions tour, directed & produced The Second Coming DVD, as well as responsible for the opening montage featured in the Detroit Rock City movie.

Tommy co-wrote the songs "Betrayed" "The Street Giveth & The Street Taketh Away" from the Hot In The Shade album and "Childhood's End" off of Revenge.

During the big KISS reunion tour, Tommy was chosen to be their Road Manager. Later, Tommy was the Box-set Project Coordinator.

Tommy has filled in as the Spaceman since 2002 including the KISS concert in Jamaica, appeared on Dick Clark's 50th Anniversary episode of the American Bandstand television program and when KISS appeared on That 70's Show.

A few other KISS Kontributions by Tommy include the production of the VH-1 special KISS Beyond The Make-up as well as the pay per view television program called The Last KISS.


KISS Kontributions

Behind The Scenes

  • Co-wrote "Hot in the Shade" songs "Betrayed" and "The Street Givith and the Street Taketh" with Gene Simmons

  • MTV Unplugged (1996) Production Coordination 

  • You Wanted the Best You Got theBest (1996) Production Coordination 

  • Greatest KISS (1997) Production Coordination 

  • KISS: The Second Coming I & II... (1998) Director, Producer, Writer 

  • KISS Box Set [Special Edition] (2001) Design, Project Coordinator 

  • Very Best of KISS (2002) Art Direction, Design 


Images of Tommy Thayer

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Black And Blue

1984 - 1988

  • Black 'N Blue (1984)

  • Without Love (1985)

  • Nasty Nasty (1986)

  • In Heat (1988)

  • One Night Only- LIVE (1997)

  • The Demo's Remastered (2000)

  • Live In Detroit (2001)

  • The Ultimate Collection (July 3, 2001)


Other Contributions

  • Jimmy Barnes - Jimmy Barnes (1985) Guitar 

  • Blue Öyster Cult - Bad Channels (1992) Composer 

  • Doro - Doro (1990) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm), Associate Producer 

  • Gunshy - Mayday (1995) Vocals (bckgr) 

  • Loverboy - Lovin' Every Minute of It (1985) Vocals, Vocals (bckgr) 

  • Malice - License to Kill (1987) Vocals 

  • Ted Nugent - Little Miss Dangerous (1986) Vocals (bckgr) 

  • Sovory - Sovory (1996) Guitar 

  • Various Artists - Metal Massacre, Vol. 1 (1991) Guitar

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