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Eric Carr Biography Notes

In KISS: 1982 - 1984

"Vinnie Vincent began his musical career as guitar/vocalist in the melodic rock band Treasure in 1977. In 1982 he accepted the offer to join KISS and contributed to Creatures Of The Night and Lick It Up, the latter featuring the band without make-up on the cover for the first time. After two years with Kiss, Vincent left to form the autonomous Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Recruiting Robert Fleischmann (ex- Journey ; vocals), Dana Strum (ex- Ozzy Osbourne group; bass) and Bobby Rock (drums), they secured a contract with Chrysalis Records in 1985. Their self-titled debut album, released the following year, was a critical success. Fleischman was replaced by Mark Slaughter immediately after the album was released, and the cohesion of the band was lost. All Systems Go followed a similar pattern to its predecessor, but was not widely purchased by metal fans. Frustrated by the lack of success, Slaughter and Strum left to form Slaughter. Vincent was dropped by Chrysalis, but in 1990 he teamed up with Fleischmann again to work on a solo project."

In 1997 Vinnie filed a lawsuit against KISS claming that they cheated him of millions of dollars in royalties he earned during his stint with the group in the early 1980s


Vincent Cusano


Aug. 5, 1952 - Connecticut

KISS Albums Appeared on:

Creatures of The Night, Lick It Up

Also Recorded with:

Was (Not Was)
Nightmare on Elmstreet 4 (soundtrack)


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Vinnie Vincent Invation

Released: 1986

1. Boyz Are Gonna Rock
2. Shoot U Full Of Love
3. No Substitute
4. Animal
5. Twisted
6. Do You Wanna Make Love
7. Back On The Streets
8. I Wanna Be Your Victim
9. Baby-O
10. Invasion

Vinnie Vincent - Guitar
Robert Leischman - Lead Vocals
Mark Slaughter - Lead Vocals
Bobby Rock - Drums
Dana Strum - Bass


All Systems Go

Released: 1988

1. Ashes To Ashes
2. Dirty Rhythm
3. Love Kills
4. Naughty Naughty
5. Burn
6. Star Spangled Banner - (intro)
7. Let Freedom Rock
8. That Time Of Year
9. Heavy Pettin'
10. Ecstasy
11. Deeper And Deeper
12. Breakout
13. Meltdown, The - (bonus track)
14. Ya Know, I'm Pretty Shot - (acoustic) +

Vinnie Vincent - Guitar
Robert Leischman - Lead Vocals
Mark Slaughter - Lead Vocals
Bobby Rock - Drums
Dana Strum - Bass



Released: 1996

1. Euphoria
2. Get The Led Out
3. Wild Child
4. Full Shredd

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